Video Tips – Image Retention on LCD and Plasma Panels

Ghosting-On-LCDMany of our customers ask us about ghosting or burn-in on their plasma and LCD panels and what to do about it.

Many are aware that if you leave a static image for a prolonged period on a plasma TV, you may risk burn-in. That is, once you remove the static image, you would still be able to see a faint outline, or ghosting of the original image, even when you change the image content.

LCD TVs “do not” suffer from burn-in yet they still suffer from image retention when a static or semi-static image is left displayed on the screen for too long.

Although more common to plasmas and LCD panels used in the security CCTV arena, panels used in digital signage can also become a victim of image retention.

When panels are not being viewed, they should be turned off. Many of the new plasma and LCD panels can be turned on and off automatically via menu settings. Also helpful, is to vary the colors and animation on panels used for digital signage. The more variety in images on the screen, the longer that panel should run before image retention becomes a permanent problem.

For more assistance or questions on this subject please see one of our sales representatives or technical specialists.

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