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Effective communication for your company and clients

For corporations and businesses, ensuring that your brand’s messages is communicated, reinforced, and understood is important not only for your external audience, but for your internal audience as well. Using dynamic, engaging visual and audio content displayed on screens throughout your office or offices, corporations can communicate their messages, reinforce their brand promise, and inform their markets effectively.

As an end-to-end solution provider, Kipp offers complete solutions in digital signage display network installation. Using a single, centralized management platform, you’ll be able to engage and effectively communicate to your corporate audience.


Digital signage corporate communication solution benefits

  • Reinforces brand promise and identity
  • Effectively communicates the corporation’s vision, mission, and values to both employees and visitors
  • Announces major corporate achievements, activities, and milestones
  • Conveys information about innovations, breakthroughs, and new methodologies
  • Delivers information about company events, conferences, internal activities, and acknowledgment of employees
  • Integrates real-time information from the company’s internal systems as well as external feeds (company news, birthdays, stock information, etc.)

Stand Out From The Crowd

digital signageYour customers, prospects, patients, and students are inundated with advertisements, emails, and information on a daily basis. Digital signage allows you to stand out from the crowd and deliver your message in a visually stunning format.

Our digital signage is completely customizable with many creative options including video and animation.

Completely Scalable – you can manage locally or remotely from one to thousands of screens.

About the solution:

  1. Innovative and customized solutions developed for your specific needs and site
  2. Centralized management and control
  3. Scalable to any sized location, even out to remote locations (for global companies)
  4. Makes changes to information in real-time
  5. Can integrate with security systems for emergency situations

Dynamic, Effective Communications

Real-time information

Customize what, when, and how you communicate to your visitors and employees by providing a range of real-time information, including way-finding, ongoing events, corporate communications, and even security alerts.

Reinforce your brand identity

With compelling content, you can tell your story and convey the messages that are critical to your brand in a way that reinforces their meaning and engages the audience.

Keep things relevant

As your business evolves, you’ll be able to communicate changes, growth, ideals, and objectives through audio and visual content that is designed for impact.

Increase Revenue

We live in a digital age and digital signage is proving to outpace more traditional forms of advertising such as print media.

With digital signage you can increase sales and/or generate advertising revenue for your company by:

  • Getting your message across in a professional timely manner
  • Deliver targeted messages that inform, educate, and motivate your audiences
  • Quickly updating to show latest information, current stock or menu items
  • Give real time pricing of inventory
  • Sell ad space on your digital signage

Save Money

digital signageWith digital signage you can quickly and easily change the information on your display(s), thus eliminating the need of high printing costs every time you require new messaging or advertisements.

You also eliminate the need to pay someone to mount, hang, or display the information, posters, signs, or billboards every time you decide to change them. With digital signage this can all be done electronically from a central location on-site or remotely.

Digital signage has also shown to be a much more cost effective means of advertising than other rising cost media such as television.

Save Time

digital signageDigital signage allows you to change your message on a dime. Instead of waiting for your new message to be printed (the old fashion way), this technology can have your new message displayed instantaneous and have you not miss out on opportunities.

In today’s fast paced world time is money and you need to stay ahead of your competition.

Effective Employee Communication

Getting top-level employees has proven to be a very large company expense of time and money. If you are going to continue to incur these expenses it makes sense to do things to help keep them as well.
digital signage

With digital signage you can:

  • Keep your employees abreast of recent news, announcements, meeting times upcoming events and important information
  • Increase teamwork, participation, and company morale
  • Introduce new products, processes, and branding information
  • Display maps, locations as well as safety and emergency procedures in a timely fashion
  • Create a more inviting workplace

Turn-Key Installation & Integration Services

digital signageThe digital signage design and installation process needs to be properly managed by experienced professionals to eliminate wasted time and money.

Kipp Visual Systems engineers perform on-site surveys to properly determine the correct network architecture for your system. Kipp Visual Systems will then design and manage the physical installation of your PCs, network devices, connectivity and digital signage displays.

digital signage

We take the time to learn your business and configure a system for your specific industry and application. Based on an in-depth analysis of your workflow and business needs, Kipp Visual Systems will work with your point person and provide initial set-up and training of your digital signage system and help you determine user roles and workgroups for other end users.

Why Us?

  • Kipp Visual Systems and our software partner Scala are true digital signage pioneers. We have established ourselves as the first name in digital signage because of our vast industry experience and first-class software.
  • We understand that every client’s needs are unique and we therefore strive to deliver custom user-friendly digital signage solutions for each project.
  • Kipp Visual Systems will help you through the complete project life cycle to install a network that is perfect for your needs including site surveys, hardware selection and installation.

Digital Signage Has and Can Be Used To Bring The Best of Multimedia Into:

  • Hospitals
  • Retail Stores and Malls
  • Stadiums and Sporting Complexes
  • Fast Food Restaurants
  • Banks and Financial Institutions
  • Government Facilities
  • Airports, Train, and Bus Stations
  • Schools and Colleges
  • Car Dealerships
  • Hotels and Casinos
  • Movie Theatres
  • Billboards and Other Outdoor Locations
    (think Times Square in NY City)

Here’s What To Do If You Are Interested in Digital Signage

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